• Real estate developer and founder of Guidry Land Development, LLC, Cliff Guidry is a successful, dedicated professional. Mr. Guidry is best known for his work ethic, close relationships with proven builders and contractors, and incredible negotiation skills for multi-million dollar contracts. He’s also well-respected because he always follows through on his word both by holding himself and others accountable.

    He began his career at the age of 19 when he purchased his first home. He invested $200 in painting it and then sold it for more than a $10,000 profit. Later, at the age of 25, he negotiated his first subdivision sale. At the time, he was only working part-time in real estate, while he was working full-time with the United States Postal Service.

    Finally, in 2005, he decided it was time to truly pursue his true passion – real estate. He completed four residential subdivisions within the next two years. The real estate market’s downturn in 2007 most definitely taught Mr. Guidry humility, integrity, and how to always negotiate a fair and honest deal. These are qualities he is still well known for ensuring on every project.

    Guidry Land Development, LLC was formed in 2012. The company continues to specialize in purchasing raw land property and building roads and infrastructure on it. This includes drainage, water, sewer systems, electrical, site clearing, excavations of ponds, and landscaping. In 2013, the company began development of land around Lafayette and Lake Charles. Today, it is still one of the largest and most respected developers in these communities.

    In 2015, ACTP Rentals began to take root. This company purchases new construction for single-family homes and leases it to tenants. A year later, Mr. Guidry diversified the company further by developing residential subdivisions in Alabama and Florida.

    The consummate professional, Mr. Guidry is passionate about his career and the company’s success. Some of the key projects and successes of the company include:

    • Co-ownership of one of the largest industrial parks in the Lafayette area consisting of over 230 acres.
    • Co-ownership of a dirt pit that’s supplied materials to numerous projects including the Costco Retail Development, Highway 90 overpass project, Super One Food, and many commercial, residential, and industrial projects in the region.
    • Co-ownership of a built-to-suit commercial property and multiple commercial locations available future development.
    • Development and sale of thousands of residential lots and co-ownership of multiple tracts of land for further development.